Korean man raises 21 ducklings and goes hiking


It's common to see owners taking their dogs to go hiking together, but have you seen ducklings go hiking with an owner?

These ducklings show that outdoor activities is not just exclusive to dogs only. The picture above shows the ducklings following their owner to a hill nearby their house in Seoul. Even though there are rough terrains and slopes, they are able to keep up with their owner and just shows how tough they are. 

The owner raised these 21 ducklings like his own children 

At first, when the man was hiking, he spotted the ducklings concerned whether or not they would survive on their own. 

The ducklings have to go back and forth between his house and and the wild into thinking that hiking would be a great idea to train these ducklings without an adult duckling to rely on.

He was also the one who kept the eggs at his house warm and comfortable enough to hatch. 


This is the main reason why the ducklings are so attached! They think the owner as their own mother.

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