A man spotted a dying bear and risks jail time to save the bear's life

Corey Hancock went hiking in March 2017, Elkhorn Mountains near Santiam River Trail in Oregon. He was going to take photos of the surrounding landscape, however, to his surprise, he suddenly encountered a baby black bear who had trouble breathing and was sick.

The bear wasn't moving and was only twitching here and there. His mother wasn't anywhere to be found and knew that time was of the essence. 

Quickly, he wrapped the bear with a blanket and rushed it to the nearest veterinarian's office. A center employee took care of the bear by giving it a heating pad, massaged deep tissues and some fluids.

The next morning, thankfully, the bear was up and about and biting the cage. Meanwhile, Hancock turned to Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center for help and was hailed a hero. On the other hand, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) didn't feel the same way. Hancock faced major criticism and could have a potential $6000 fine and possible jail time, as it is illegal to remove young animals from the wild.

To his relief, the ODFW only gave him a warning, as he had the intention of saving the baby bear's life.

For the little bear, he is now located at the PAWS Wildlife Center in Lynwood, where he will grow up in a natural environment and also won't be alone!

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