A Hiking Trail Hiding In Illinois That Will Guide You To Another World

In Illinois, most of the hiking trails are mostly forests, prairies and Midwest staples. There is one trail in Shawnee National Forest, that will make you feel like you are in a whole different world. The scenery is breath-taking and nothing like you have ever seen. Surprisingly, most people don't know about it.

There a plenty of historic relics, wildlife, and nature like you’ve never seen it before along this incredible hike. Keep scrolling to find out how to get there.

Rim Rock Recreational Trail near the town of Junction is a 1.7-mile loop trail that leads around a large rock and then down many stairs to the valley floor.

It is accessible year round and is popular for camping in addition to hiking. Spending the night anywhere in the Shawnee National Forest makes for an unforgettable experience.

Though parts of it are paved, the trail is moderately difficult to traverse due to steep areas, numerous stairs, and uneven ground. Be careful as you meander past this old Indian wall, which was once a rock shelter called Ox-Lot Cave.

Hikers then descend through this narrow passageway known as "Fat Man's Misery" before continuing to Pounds Hollow Lake.

As one of the most scenic trails in the whole state, Rim Rock Trail was designated a recreational area in 1980. It is located near Garden of the Gods, though, and so is often overlooked.

Those who make the effort to take this hidden trail, however, will be rewarded by lovely sights of trees, wildflowers, woodland critters, and rock formations.

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