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Ohio hike will lead you to an Abandoned Castle

A lot of people don't realise that there are a few hidden castles in Ohio. From historic inns and structures, each one has its own unique story to tell. Squire’s Castle at North Chagrin Reservation in Willoughby, Ohio is a lovely little hidden gem you’ll want to explore if you haven’t already. This unfinished castle has an interesting history and is easy for hikers and bikers to access. Take the loop trail for a picture perfect summer afternoon or autumn day hike. Check it out: Tucked away in one of the Cleveland Metro Parks, you'll find this fairytale-like landmark. It's unexpected and really neat to explore. Within the North Chagrin Reservation, you can take a 2.2-mile loop trail that leads...

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Hikers find a surprising beast encounter

When you go hiking, you would expect breathe the fresh air, enjoy strolling along the pathways and just loving mother nature. However, two hikers in California's Sequoia's National Park made a heart-thumping discovery. A fully grown mountain lion, ahead in their path.   The two hikers were filming the dirt path, whilst the lion suddenly appeared in front of them. Following the lion cautiously, they sneaked forward, trying to get a glimpse, however it went slinking around a hillside and out of sight. One of them said "shh, ssh", worried that the lion would spot them. After walking slowly towards the pathway, the camera slowly panned towards up a rocky ledge, where the lion were gazing at the hikers. Motionless and its eyes...

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A man spotted a dying bear and risks jail time to save the bear's life

Corey Hancock went hiking in March 2017, Elkhorn Mountains near Santiam River Trail in Oregon. He was going to take photos of the surrounding landscape, however, to his surprise, he suddenly encountered a baby black bear who had trouble breathing and was sick. The bear wasn't moving and was only twitching here and there. His mother wasn't anywhere to be found and knew that time was of the essence.  Quickly, he wrapped the bear with a blanket and rushed it to the nearest veterinarian's office. A center employee took care of the bear by giving it a heating pad, massaged deep tissues and some fluids. The next morning, thankfully, the bear was up and about and biting the cage. Meanwhile, Hancock turned...

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